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Why Do We Fear?

Posted on Jan 25, 2013 in Inspirational, Quotes | 0 comments


And why we should never fear

I am a sucker for motivational / inspirational propaganda. What can I say? Even though I am an optimist, sometimes I need a little pick me up in a pessemistic world.

During an information surfing session I came across this post on fear by Edward Gbergersen (at least that’s what I think his last name is). He runs a site dedicated to fitness -

His post really struck a cord with me. To summarize his post:

He explains that fear is complete bullshit. It reduces life’s most wondrous opportunities, experiences and ultimately enjoyment. It prevents you from acting and inhibits your performance. Even though fear promotes safety (as we are hard wired to feel) it heavily relies on mediocrity. Fear makes you self conscious and the fear leads to the fear of failure (fear of letting go).

Being cautious is good but not fearful because caution levels you off. What we feel when we are afraid is genetically ingrained in us because we had to fear the obvious back in the day (eg. animal attacks, invaders, etc…). The same fear we place into public speaking is the same as an animal chasing us down. Physiologically, the response is identical.

Solution: Gain perspective. Realize that the fear we feel is from an animal instinct based on survival. The survival basics which we don’t really have to worry about anymore.

Memento Mori

- Remember your mortality

If you think about it, we’re already born dead. If you think this way then your fears, worries, ego will melt away.

He’s right, the last things we remember once our life flashes before our eyes and before they close the casket, is not what we worried about. It’s about the highlights of our life experiences. So we should maximize those experiences so the flash goes on longer. The scariest thing is if the flash is filled with regrets.

So take more calculated risks,

“Everyone is afraid to take risks and no one wants to be seen as a failure. The true definition of a failure is a person who´s never dared to fail.”

Thanks for the reminder Eddie.

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