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Way To Go Microsoft!

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 in Business, Marketing | 0 comments


Remember Tamagotchi, snap on wrist bands and Pogs?

Microsoft has finally tapped into the heart strings of Gen Y’ers across the globe.

Beautifully narrated, the latest ad for their Internet Explorer shows off the many highlights (and some may say low lights) of the 90′s. Actually who am I kidding? Bowl cuts were rad! Hahahaha…

Whoever says ads do not change behaviour should speak to a few people from Ipsos. Yes, you can’t fully prove any direct correlation but advertisers know they must fight for recall and top of mind awareness. Just look at Coke and their dominance in the beverage market. They know how to make you think Coke.

So in other words, will this ad make Gen Y’ers stick/switch to Internet Explorer? Hard to say because you can expect Hungry Hippos to pop up and start surfing for you. Or can you?

See for yourself below.

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