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Promotional Brilliance!

Posted on Feb 6, 2013 in Business, Marketing | 0 comments


A proper way to get more exposure

Music has grown up. It has to. I won’t get into the talk about CD vs Online sales and piracy. Instead, I wanted to highlight cool ways some artists are getting themselves out there.

Like this brilliant example..

Tegan and Sara are an indie rock band and they have a new release coming out, Heartthrob.

Forget relying on billboards, flyers and posters, Andy Samburg is here to apply his comical wit in a mock interview.

It’s funny, fresh and showcases the personality of these young rock stars. What better way to win over existing fans and also gain new ones through the personal and viral nature.

Andy Samburg is just an ace in this. Love the shoe take back.

You can see the full ‘interview’ here.

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