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My name is Truman. Nice to meet you.

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 in Updates | 0 comments


How’s it going?

What are the chances in getting your own domain name this late in the internet game? Probably impossible but then again I have yet to meet another Truman, let alone a Truman Tang. So to all the hundred dozens of Truman Tang’s in the world. Beat you!

I’m not mean. In fact I’ve been described as being the ‘nice guy’ on many introductions. Nothing against nice guys but when you hear ‘nice guy’ you probably end up thinking of ‘nice guys finish last’.

So to make an effort to not be ‘the guy who finishes last’, I’ve started this blog to share with you a little bit about myself and that I am more than just ‘a nice guy’.

If you stick around and/or come back often you’ll often see me chit chat about:

Ear Candy (Music) – I love my music. Wakes me up in the morning, keeps me going through the day and tucks me into bed at night.

Globe Trotting (Travel) – I’ve been a small town chap my whole life and more recently I’ve caught the travel bug. I’ve spent time across 17 countries and over 50 cities/towns (well, according to TripAdvisor).

The Way Things Work (Current Events, Business) – Just some things I notice, analyse and question. Think of this as a deeper part of the Truman psyche. Yeah, I can be deep too!

Just For Kicks (Randoms) – Anything interesting I stumble upon and I think deserves the shares (don’t worry, cat videos in baskets will not make an appearance – there are other times and places for them).

So hang around and leave a comment. I’m all about meeting new people and sharing different perspectives.

Talk soon,


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