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Making Music Makers Shine

Posted on Feb 10, 2013 in Business | 0 comments


A project dedication

A few months ago I partially started another passion project of mine. I’ve always been really heavy into the music scene (more specifically House, Hip Hop and R&B).

Unfortunately,  I don’t have any music talent, but I am good at sourcing and generally have a sense of what works on air.

I realized the potential in my new project and that is why I am dedicating myself and putting it in writing.

I started my first website back in 2007 with Hey Dj’s. It was a blogspot page showcasing R&B and Hip Hop music. I worked on it for awhile but figured it was never really differentiated from the rest of the music blogs out there. It received good traffic because of the blogspot network but I knew it couldn’t hold up long term.


Then I went niche, Tru To You was made in 2008 to serve the R&B and Slow Jams community. I made some good headway but with my career ramping up I had to concentrate on what I was bringing home the bacon.


From my learnings and now levelled up knowledge in the internet marketing space, I took another stab at a general new music, R&B, Hip Hop approach and created Channel Tru. After a year and a half, I received moderate success but realized the potential to promote lesser known music makers in a sub defined niche.


As much as it pains me, I need to let Channel Tru go. I need to devote my attention to something that has the potential for a brighter future. And that is Remix Release.

So I am telling you all now that I’ll be putting my internet interests  into this new project. I am stoked to do it because it gives bedroom producers and garage bands a chance to reach more fans.

So if you like remixes, mash ups and covers to your favourite top 40 song, head on over

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