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How To Score A Sweet Deal On Plane Tickets

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 in Business, Marketing, Travel | 0 comments


Plane Ticket Purchase Where and When

The Wall Street Journal was so kind to ask one of the top dogs at how and when to purchase the cheapest plane tickets.

The short answer is 49 days before your departure for domestic flights, while the sweet spot for international flights is 81 days.

What’s the priciest day to buy a ticket? The day before you fly with the second worst being two days in advance. And finally the No. 3 spot, three days ahead of time. That pattern sticks through 11 days out, underscoring the need to buy tickets as soon as you can.

Sounds fair to me. In fact, this demystifies the ‘last minute seat sale tips’ I’ve been hearing in the past (or maybe that is just for set vacation packages).

What’s funny about all of this is that these prices are mainly affected by the market. So assuming more and more people go by this rule, the more it will not apply. I guess that gives them another opportunity to write another post. So in the meantime, keep up the tracking.

Which reminds me, awesome sites to track plane ticket prices are:

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