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Go Go Gadget Google Glasses

Posted on Feb 25, 2013 in Business | 0 comments


Fashion Tech

Google and Apple are at it again. These two titans are lining up their product lines with the next tech and it’s moving more towards fashion

While Apple’s fashion tech is only a rumor (iWatch), Google is ready to get this gadget in your hands (or on your head) by the end of this year.


Hello Google Glasses

The Verve recently conducted a video interview showcasing Google Glasses and it is looking pretty sweet. Another device sure to pave it’s way into consumer lives and make the next movers and shakers some good hard cash.

From the interview video, Google Glasses seems to have come a long way. Essentially we are working with a voice activated device that connects to your computer, phone and, most importantly, the web.

For a cooler look at the capabilities, check out The Verve test video or the below promo video from the big G’s themselves.

Very polished and pretty. Just like how an ad should be.

Will it fly

I guess you can say the Google Glasses are Bluetooth headsets on steroids. Will the consumer world be ready to brace a pair towards the end of 2013? My guess is that it will be as popular as the bluetooth headset.

After all, how popular has a voice activated anything been? Siri? Blue Tooth? Not many are confident enough to ‘talk to themselves’ in public just yet. Or I may be wrong.

The future

However, one things seems clear. The future looks not only at fashion tech but wearable tech. Realistically, technology can only occupy 3 parts of the body: eyes, hands and wrists.

Every other part of the human body is changes by day. You can have a nice computerized shirt but will you wear it every day? Thought so. The battle for those 3 body areas. It will be intense.

But first let’s get through Google Glasses. Place your bets. Are they going to fly or die?

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