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Facebook: Lover Request Sent

Posted on Jan 31, 2013 in Business, Marketing | 0 comments


Can Facebook turn the online dating industry upside down?

Since Facebook’s announcement of the Graph Search everyone in business (and their mothers’) have been talking about how to take advantage of the tool.

Dating was one of them and TechCrunch had an interesting article on how Facebook can disrupt Online Dating.

To summarize, the article explained how Facebook could easily connect users to their life partners through their commonalities (eg. interests, friends, etc…). All in all, the sociability and algorithms will help make better matches. Facebook could even launch a type of anonymous section for singles to look for others without revealing on their newsfeed that their playing the latest ‘find me a soul mate’ game.

I can see how that would help, but (there’s always a but), it goes back to privacy and reasons to go through with it.

For privacy, we’ve seen user backlashes. Even if it was in a private environment, there’s always that nagging feeling that someone’s love search could spill into their news feed. Alot of perception changing would be needed.

Additionally, the article says that it would turn the tables on Pay To Communicate models (which is huge part of the business model for some online dating companies). But how else could Facebook earn money off this? Maybe like LinkedIn, charge to see a FULL list of those who viewed your profile?

I am sure Mark and his team would figure something out. After all, public companies don’t do things just for kicks. Maybe it’s a strategy to get more Facebook signs ups or increase activity with the current users.

Regardless, I think it’s a bad bet.

But the article did make me think.

If Facebook can track all of that, would I be happy with the big FB knowing exactly where I worked, what I was talking about in my email accounts etc…?

Sure, we all probably know someone who’s gone the whole nine’s yards and then some (updated their full job profiles, only use FB messaging, showed their latest blood exam and what they last ate). I’m not one of these people and I like the fact that my information is spread out across different social networks (the more direct the competitor the better). I have nothing to hide but the thought of one public company owning the track record of my existence is a little nerve racking.

It’s like telling your parents EVERYTHING! And I’m sure we’ve kept a thing or two from them at one point in our lives. At least they can forget about it!

So what do you think? Does it make you nervous that one or a few companies know everything about you?

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