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About Me

Why this site?

First, thanks for taking time to know more about me. You could have been anywhere else (I heard cat videos are popular nowadays) but you decided to be here. Thank you.

So about this site. Well, I actually made it for me.


No, I am not a narcissist.

I made it for me as in someone like me or interested in the same things.

I needed an outlet to help me document interesting things that would inspire change, celebrate achievements and get the most of our time here.

Sound ambitious? I hope so.

Why wouldn’t I use Facebook, Twitter or any of those millions of blogging platforms? Well, I wanted something that I could have and proudly say is my own. Something that would represent me.

So enough Jibba Jabba. If you want to know more you can check out an intro from my first post here.

Thanks for sticking around. Drop me a line because meeting new people is what I like to do.

- Tru


Truman at the Colesium

@ the Colosseum. Literally had to fight the crowds for a clear shot. Success!